Hi, we’re Meg & Tyler! In August 2016 we quit our jobs, sold everything we owned and hit the road - all to travel the world. 

About Wander South

Meg and Tyler here. This might come as a shock to some of you, but we are starting a travel blog and we want YOU to follow along on our ambitious journey as we drive our Toyota 4Runner from our home in Dallas, TX through Central and South America to Patagonia!

We could not be more excited about this trip, what we will learn about the different cultures, the amazing sights we will see along the way, and the lessons from learning to live with less and working from the road.

We hope to share our journey, beautiful stories and tips and tricks to empower you to take a travel risk in your life too! People dream of traveling their entire lives and some never get around to visiting the destinations tugging at their hearts. We are not rich, wealthy, or digging ourselves into incredible debt. We are simply two newlyweds with a desire for travel, adventure, and a willing spirit to just "make it happen."

So we invite you to please follow along on our daunting journey ahead as we figure out how to ¡Vive tu Sueño! (or Live Your Dream). Cheers, and see you down the road!

About Meg

Meg received her masters degree at SMU in Marriage and Family Counseling and is a "retired" corporate teacher trainer at a Pilates company in Dallas. After working for 3 years at a fitness start-up, she is ready to switch gears and focus more on living life and eventually perusing her PhD. 

She will undoubtably pack more than she needs for this trip, but will look much cuter than Tyler the entire time.

She is most looking forward to learning how to surf, reading, hiking and exploring the vast wildness that is Patagonia.

What she will miss most about America: family, friends, our dog Miko, and her fitness classes.

Meg's spirit animal: Bear
what's yours?

About Tyler

Tyler is a freelance graphic designer and marketing specialist in Dallas, TX. He specializes in hand lettering, branding & identity, and web design. He will be working remotely and supporting us on this journey via client work from his business at tflem.com. If you need design work and/or would like to support our journey, you can reach him at:

He is a self-professed clean freak and minimalist and is oddly excited about learning to live with the bare essentials (out of a car). 

He is most looking forward to surfing, free wifi, and hiking Machu Picchu.

What he will miss most about America: friends, family, air conditioning, playing tennis, and TCU football season.

Tyler's spirit animal: Whale
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