Driving Central Mexico to San Luis Potosi

Hola everyone!

We're currently relaxing in the lovely town of San Luis Potosi at the Ankara Hotel after our drive from Monterrey, Mexico via toll road MEX-57. 

Let's start by saying, it's possible we've been a little overly cautious so far (watching the news and frequently reading U.S. advisory reports leading up to a road trip across Mexico will do that to you). For that reason, our Mexico budget is by far the least economical. This is why you'll notice we reference so many hotels throughout this country even though we fully anticipate camping as our time continues (especially to offset some of the money spent in Mexico). So we'll count this little leg of the trip our "vacation" and we'll call the rest of it a "lifestyle". The point of the trip is to transition into the latter, after all... ;) 

Being that this was one of our longer hauls we were anxious to leave early. Side note: we made driving during the day our #1 priority with "day-time" meaning 8am-3pm. However, the Malaria prevention medication we took the night before had us feeling even MORE nervous about 6.5 hours in a car... on some "seriously unsafe roads"... where any delay could push us closer to dark and further into harm's way. So we had to make a decision, stay another night in Monterrey or just get in the car and hope the nausea and light-headed-ness would subside?

We got on the road. And what do you know? IT ALL WORKED OUT.

#1 Traffic getting out of Monterrey was suspiciously light...
#2 Despite feeling a bit queasy, the scenery was BEAUTIFUL
#3 Highway 57 is a GREAT route out of Nuevo Leon and into the state of San Luis Potosi
#4 The anti-malaria side-effects subsided after about 4 hours of driving :)
#5 All of that fear about stopping on the road in some [remote] [desolate] [dangerous] [unpredictable] [insert fearful adjective here] rest stop was a fear we had to conquer when Meg finally couldn't take it anymore and HAD to go to the bathroom (no surprise here of course). But the gas station we stopped at was AMAZING! So colorful and clean and HUGE.
#6 We made awesome time (all thanks to Tyler) and arrived in 5.5 hours!
#7 The only roadblock we saw causing HEAVY HEAVY traffic was going North
#8 The entire 325-mile drive only cost us about $11.08 in tolls (give or take .10 cents in conversion rates from pesos to dollars).

So what's the conclusion?

Life is good. And even Meg's Spanish is getting better... oh wait... that's all in her head. 

We checked into our hotel, reorganized/cleaned the car (yes, it had already gotten a little disorganized in only 2 days... oops!). Then we had dinner at a local brewery near our hotel called La Legendaria and spent the rest of the night working, reading and resting.

Photo Aug 25, 8 50 49 AM.jpg
A sampler flight from the local microcervezaria (La Legendaria)

A sampler flight from the local microcervezaria (La Legendaria)

Tyler hadn't eaten all day and this Mexican cheeseburger hit the spot (La Legendaria)

Tyler hadn't eaten all day and this Mexican cheeseburger hit the spot (La Legendaria)


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