San Miguel de Allende

From San Luis Potosi, we head back to Highway 57. Simply drive south for 50 miles, then west for about 40 miles of farmland and HOLA San Miguel. The drive was easy, $0 on tolls and almost exactly two hours. We noticed toll road 57 got a little less smooth (more potholes to watch out for) but still in perfectly cruise-able condition.

The geography gets a little less mountainous (but definitely not flat)... and we began to see much more green. Then around the corner and the beauty of San Miguel comes into view. Just as we'd been told, there was SO much color: bright pink and yellow flowers and beautifully painted buildings covering the lush green hillside. 

Absolutely picturesque.  

Being that this one of our "wander list" items we made sure to allow ample time for it's exploration. And we were REALLY excited (Meg especially), which is what made today a little more difficult... Everything had been fairly easy up to this point, we expected a perfectly smooth, unbelievable experience (rookies).

We started with some wifi issues at our hotel which could have been avoided had we handled our mobile phone swap, GPS map download, iPhone back-ups, and other downloads sooner. This was stressful because we've been on the road for 4 days and we only expect to get weaker wifi signals as we continue. Then again, learning to live without these things is part of the point right?

Also, we hadn't eaten since breakfast at 9am and it was 3pm before we even checked in and left our hotel room to wander the city. We walked around for about 45 minutes feeling pretty weak with the sun shining bright and not enough water or food all day, and we weren't terribly pleased with the look of the restaurant we were seeking out from TripAdvisor. 

Remember, with only ONE day here, we wanted to make the most of it. And for Meg, this is largely determined by good food :) 

We decided to continue to the town square where we were sure to find some decent restaurants, an additional 20 minute walk. After a quick lap and window shopping some menus, we stumbled into what we thought would be a winner. They sat us in the corner of a dilapidated (and completely empty) back room of the restaurant. No view, no sunshine, nothing great really jumping out on the menu, and no service for quite some time. Meg was VERY disappointed about her San Miguel experience so far and was getting HANGRY. 

Tyler was just hungry... So you can imagine how ridiculous he must have felt when Meg really wanted to leave. So much for lunch. It was 5pm and the Rosewood Hotel's Rooftop Tapas Bar and Restaurant (our original plan for sunset and the end of our evening) were sounding REALLY good. So we kindly left some pesos on the table for the two chips we ate and walked through the historic city center for an early dinner. 

Walking out onto the terrace... THIS is what you visit San Miguel for. The Rosewood rooftop is breathtaking. Add a little bit of food and water to your stomach and it's AMAZING what it does for the spirit. The views didn't hurt either. 

So quite a few lessons were learned today about setting certain expectations, living without wifi and cell phones 24/7, no GPS when wandering around a city (remember those days?), and staying nourished and hydrated. Oh, and understanding that while money can buy really expensive food and great views, Rosewood Hotels won't be part of our regular itinerary moving forward (sorry Meg). All in all it's been a good stress-test. And a really great day.   

Puebla here we come :)

See you down the road!
Meg + Tyler

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