Hiking El Peñon at Guatapé

The most colorful town in Colombia

You’ll have to leave the city for this one but we think it’s worth it. Touristy… but fun :) 

It’s takes a little under 2 hours by car (we imagine it takes longer by bus) and if you include a visit to the town of Guatapé I’m sure the tour companies will make a full day of it.

This is the view when you arrive... a little daunting huh?

The Rock of El Peñon was first climbed in the 50s using nothing but a wooden plank. Thankfully someone built a staircase ;) With over 700 steps to the highest lookout, it definitely offers some of the best views of Guatape.

It takes about 30 minutes to climb, give or take 15 minutes. We took our time climbing to the top, stopping frequently to take pictures. However, we saw one woman go up twice in the time it took us to reach the last step, snap a few pics and order a beer. So I guess whether you take it as a challenge to see how fast you can climb it or you want to un-do all your hard work with a Michelada at the top, you’ve got options!

We'd definitely say the views from the top were the best reward.

After the climb, you have to check out the town of Guatape (only a 15 minute drive from the rock). We got started early, finished our climb and made it to this colorful little town for lunch. The town square has lots of restaurants with outdoor seating and inexpensive typical food. After we ate, we just explored and admired all of the detail with which they decorate their buildings and homes. Plus, there were quite a few stands selling different things over by the water. We grabbed some churros (for Meg of course) and watched people zip-lining before heading back to the car. P.S. if you’re driving yourself, you can park just outside the city walls, near the water (just a few dollars for the whole day).

Don't miss the chance to make this incredible climb and see this great little city. 

See you down the road!
Meg + Tyler

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