Border #11: Peru to Chile

From Arequipa, Peru ->Arica, Chile

We drove from Arequipa, through Tacna to Arica in about 6 hours. Be mindful of the 2-hour time change right when you cross into Chile.

  • Drive on main road past large building on the right
  • Follow road into parking lot on the left (large 3 story building)
  • Get in line for car form – fill it out – get back in line
  • Exit parking lot @ 1 of 2 control booths
  • Drive behind building (so you don't get caught in traffic) – park and walk to C.I.T booth (looks exactly like control booths on the other side)
  • He’ll stamp the form you got at customs when you entered Peru (he tore it in half and gave us one half)
  • 2:50 pm we parked and started the Chile side
  • Got in line to stamp passports (parked in long lines – headed to booths)
  • Were called up to the window – passports were stamped (answered questions)
  • Walked back to car – drove up to the same booths for car check
    • They opened all they could and asked us to take a few bags inside to be scanned through the x-ray machine
    • They took a banana and were as thorough as they could be without asking us to unload EVERYTHING
  • Drive through once finished – park @ the back of the building
  • Walk to beige portable building on the side of the large booths for aduana
  • DONE!


Get ready for the MOST expensive gas of any country so far.

The next morning we left Arica at 8am and got to San Pedro de Atacama at 4pm: includes no lunch stop and a 30-minute construction delay.

See you down the road!
Meg + Tyler

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