Border #12: Santiago to Mendoza

Santiago, Chile to Mendoza, Argentina (and back 4 days later)

January 18, 2017

The longest border we did the entire tip and another crazy cool road. Usually when we’re on roads this intense, they’re unpaved and aren’t considered a major highway!!

  • Arrived to Argentina side @ 2:24pm (Wednesday afternoon during summertime)

*Chilean EXIT? Nothing!! Just keep driving 20+ kilometers to the Argentinean side (obviously a different procedure than every border thus far)

  • WAIT in one of 5 LONG car lines
  • Car check @ 3:50pm
  • We had SO much stuff and a really young guy so I think he was overwhelmed. He ended up checkeing ONE backpack, our glove compartment, 1 drawer and sent us along (they were SO busy)
  • We pulled off to the side, parked, and had to wait while another guy ran off with our car import form & Tyler’s passport to get our car import paperwork filled out in the main building.
    • Tyler was a little stressed about this guy running off with our passport…
    • But the guy DID come back with the passport (he wasn't trying to pull a fast one on us). They just aren’t used to American/European/Canadian cars crossing their borders so they don’t have the import forms available at each line… they’re back up in the main building.
    • HOWEVER, Tyler was right to worry because our nationality read “Albania or Afghanistan” instead of “United States” (haha oops!) We didn't notice until they were making fun of us when we crossed the border down near Torres del Paine. Luckily we had zero issues due to this mistake, but just be warned.
  • Finished by 4:13pm after the guy gave us our T.I.P form

SECOND CROSSING (Sunday January 22, 2017)

Mendoza to Santiago

  • Drive past the Argentina side – 20+ kilometers to the Chilean side and get in line
  • Arrived in line @ 2pm – got to the front of the line at 4:45pm (2.75 hour wait)
  • Finished 15 minutes later @ 5pm
    • **At about 4:15pm I looked back behind us and noticed NO more cars were pulling into the line at that point… bummer. The line seemed to have stopped as the day got later (so maybe show up late to avoid the wait!!!)
  • Same procedure as above but they were able to do the TIP with us standing there.
Photo Jan 22, 11 01 50 AM.jpg

All the best on your journey, and be sure to comment with questions!

See you down the road!
Meg + Tyler

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